Friday, June 18, 2010

A Brief Summary of my Week:

In short: Too short on time, too awkward and put me to bed.

In long:

1. I have been struggling with time management. Rather, not having enough time to do the things that I want to do with the people that I want to do it with.

2. I have been having very awkward exchanges with everyone, At first I thought it was them, but I have continued to have very stiff experiences with nearly everyone I encounter, so I can only dedeuce that it must be me.

3. I have realised today that I must urgently attend to my eyebrows since I am starting to resemble one Miss F. Kahlo.

4. Am being screened by a certain good friend of mine and I wonder what misdeeds he is up to, or if he simply doesn’t care to talk to me.

5. Have been actively avoiding doing any time of constructive activity in my personal time, including the bet that I made to myself just a couple of short weeks ago. I have been dazzled by all the internet has to offer, even though most of it I find boring

6. I missed my mother’s birthday, again, so that officially makes me the worst daughter ever. Again. It’s a hat that I’m getting used to. I managed to make up for it by offering something that I will have to cancel because:

7. I am most likely going to Peru in a weeks time, which I railed against at first, but the traveller in me has convinced me that this is more than ok. First South America trip should always be paid for by the someone else, obviously.

8. I saw a particularly high maintenance friend during the week, who is broke as fuck, so declined (ed. Note: didn’t even bother to mention the tab regardless of ordering and subsequent consumption of food and beverage on the tab, rather she simply ignored the bill – as if that works, trust me, I’ve tried) to help with the bill. So, naturally, I tried to tip our waitress 4 cents. Unintentionally.

9. I had a hilarious, though potentially damaging conversation with my cousin T when she called me from Seattle on Skype. I asked how her boyfriend’s new place was and if he and his room mate had managed to destroy it with their innate bachelor-ness (Ed. Note. I asked if it was clean, dear god). Directly after saying that, I realised that I was most likely on speaker (I was) and had to grovel. Kill me now.

10. I found out that a friend that I haven’t spoken to in ages is getting married tomorrow. This is significant because I thought that she would never get married, and after having broken her last boyfriends arm (really), boys had kind of steered clear of her. I am really happy for her and her Brazilian man-child who is a healthy 8 years younger than her, making him all of 21. But, he is Brazillian and facebook photos show that he is very healthy. Mazeltov!

11. I had a friend come to visit from the old town. He is, in fact, my oldest friend and I cherish him dearly for that, among other things, as our relationship has weathered many things including time and distance. But, his visit was so god damned brief, that I am annoyed with him. He and his friend drove 14 hours, stayed for 24 and then drove 22 hours back (nap time, thank fuck). I got to see him for a whole of 2 hours during his stay, because he was sleeping, at a concert or I was working. And, to finish my whine, there was no quality time, due to his friend – who has the most incredible eyes, and the most unfortunate face – being here, and I didn’t want to exclude her from conversation. Because I can only be so much of a jack ass, and I’d already spent it being all stilted and shit. I found out on their departure that they didn’t have to leave straight away (I though he was working and I was wrong) and could have stayed another night. In summary: short visits equals balls.

That’s it for now, dear internet. I wish you a happy and fulfilling weekend, filled with merriment and shenanigans because that is exactly what I am intending to do.

-Anna xo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That Will Teach Me To Control The Vigour!

Broken Bones

It would appear that I have broken my back. Not in the terrifying never-going-to-walk-again kind of way, but in a fuck-fuck-fuck this hurts kind of way. Admittedly the latter is not nearly as inconvenient as the former, but, man, it really hurts.

I am unable to give a play by play about the incident, just that I was fine when I picked my pants up, but by the time they were over my thighs (before they were buttoned), I had an intense, intolerable, excruciating pain running from the base of my neck to my shoulder blades. Did you pick that up? I broke my back when putting on my jeans this morning. Right.

This would suggest that I was wrestling with skinny jeans that require a mammoth effort to put on, or in the manner of Monster, who simply cannot be restrained and is Just! So! Excited! To! Wear! Denim! And that would be wrong. They were in fact the jeans that I wore last night, so they were even broken in for me for this morning.

So I haven’t been to the office today and have had, what would otherwise have been a very pleasant day: watching movies with Hodge*, and cuddling as much as back spasms will allow, having emotional conversations with the mothership (her emotions, not mine) and eating fudge and chips and last nights veggie shepherds pie (amazing, if I do say so myself). But just when I get comfortable, a lightning bolt runs through my spine and I count down the hours until I can take the next dose of Robaxacet.

Speaking of, that special time, the time for more drugs, is right now. Which certainly trumps blogging, so…see you!


*What is the young man doing home? He got himself a bit of gastro sometime yesterday, so he’s having a legit sick day, too. We’re so in sync! Though he did ask me earlier today “How’s the period going?” So, that’s weird. Thought you might like to know.